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Caller ID - FSK (US Canada & Others)
Outbound Caller ID
Duration of Calls
Inbound DTMF Capture
Number of Rings
On-Board Call Memory
Chain Multiple Units
First Ring Suppression
Call Blocking

Technical Notes on Features

  • Caller ID - FSK: An analog Caller ID signal sent via a modem burst between the first and second rings (Belcore 202 and Stentor specifications). This includes both standard CID (number only) and deluxe Caller ID (name and number). This format is delivered in the USA, Canada, about half of Mexico and parts of other countries around the world. Other international formats are supported but IdentaFone only ships to North American addresses.

  • Caller ID - DTMF: The Caller ID information is delivered via DTMF (touch-tones) before the first ring. This format can deliver only the calling party's number. It is used when the local phone company's central office switch is not Belcore CLASS compatible. This format is prevalent in areas where older central office equipment is employed.

  • Outbound Caller ID: Units with this feature will report the line number on which an outbound call was placed, the time and date of the call, phone number dialed, additional digits dialed, and the duration of the call. IdentaFone's software will also match a name to outbound calls if the data is in your contacts.

  • Duration of Calls: The duration is calculated as the time between when the phone went Off-Hook to when it went On-Hook.

  • Inbound DTMF Capture: This feature allows the reporting of any digits dialed after an inbound phone call in answered. This is important for account coding calls, marking calls used in security application, and tracking callers responses to menus within automated attendant/voice mail systems.

  • Number of Rings: Counts the number of rings for each inbound call whether the call is answered or not.

  • On-Board Call Memory: If the user prefers not to have a computer connected to the unit and running continuously, this option allows the logging of data independent of the state of the computer. IdentaFone's software can download the stored calls when started.

  • Chain Multiple Units: Allows larger lines counts to be accommodated. Units having this feature connect together without regard to number of lines on a particular unit. In other words, multiple Whozz Calling? 4 line units could be connected together with multiple Whozz Calling? 8 line units.

  • First Ring Suppression: Suppressing the first ring to the office telephones allows the unit to always capture Caller ID information. Since Caller ID (FSK type) is sent between the first and second rings, this feature prevents the office personnel answering the phone before the Caller ID information arrives. This is a particularly useful feature when the units are installed in front of a telephone switch.

  • Call Blocking: The feature allows the blocking of certain calls based on the Caller ID number. It can also work in reverse where only a particular list of callers will be passed through the unit. Note that Private (anonymous) and Out of Area" (unknown) call blocking is also provided.