Caller ID Modem FAQ

Rather than recommend a particular brand with any absolute conviction due to constant changes by the manufacturer, I always suggest you carefully choose a dealer instead that will allow you to return a modem that does not live up to its claims of Caller ID compatibility.

However, the following models have been reported by many customers to work with IdentaFone products.

Manufacture: Rosewill
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Model: RNX-56AG (PCI)
Works well in TAPI mode
Windows XP Driver
MS Vista Driver
Windows 7 Driver

Manufacture: Rosewill
Windows XP, Vista
Model: RNX-56USB (USB)
Works well in TAPI mode
Works with Bell Canada CID.
UPDATE: Rosewill support confirms that recent shipments of the modem do not report CID due to an unknown change at the manufacturing level. They say it is out of their hands as the modem is not actually made by them.

Manufacture: AOpen
Windows 9x, 2000, XP
Model: FM56-PX (PCI)
Model: FM56-EXV (External Serial)

Manufacturer: Mainpine
Model: Rockforce Duo + (PCI)
Windows 2000, XP
We use this one ourselves. Excellent multi line modem that works well in TAPI mode.
Works with Bell Canada CID.

Manufacture: Creative Labs
Model (External USB): DE5671 or DE5673
Windows 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista
Excellent TAPI driver support.
DE5671 works with Bell Canada CID.

Manufacture: Creative Labs
Model: Modem Blaster Di5601-1 (PCI)
TAPI support for Windows 9x only – does not work with XP.

Manufacture: Zoom
Model: 3049C (External)
Model: 3025C (PCI) Feb 2006: We have had reports lately that recent purchases do not seem to support CID
Windows 9X, 2000 & XP
Note: Important - Install drivers from CD (setup.exe) before installing hardware.

Manufacture: TRENDnet
Model: TFM-PCIV92I (PCI) Modem
Windows XP
Note: Make sure that the model number ends in an 'I' (Intel chip set) or else it will not work.
Recently discontinued but may be available at online stores. This modem is very inexpensive and works well with the XP built in drivers.

Manufacture: Diamond Multimedia
Model: 2730 Supra Express (External Serial)
Windows 9x, 2000 & XP
Driver: Choose "Diamond Supra Express 56e - PC V.90" NOT "Diamond Supra Express 56e - PC".

Modems in the UK
If BT in the UK is your TelCo then you are limited to modems made by MainPine, USR (Message Modem External, 56K Professional Message), Zoom UK (3025C), Pace (56k external and internal, Solo external), and Hayes (Optima 56 External). This is because most modems are designed for the Bellcore FSK type of CID sent by North American TelCos.

Modems and Caller ID in Canada
Modems that work with Bell Canada:
Creative Labs DE5671 USB
AOpen FM56-PX (PCI)

If you are in eastern Canada and Bell is your TelCo then most modems will not work in TAPI mode. When using IdentaFone's built in test terminal or Hyperterminal and you see a double MESG in the CID data then chances are the modem will not work properly in direct mode either.

Caller ID data from Bell Canada is usually presented by most modems in the form DATE-TIME-NAME-MESG and sometimes DATE-TIME-MESG-MESG, rather than the DATE-TIME-NAME-NMBR format. If the modem reports NMBR in the number field then it should work just fine.

If it reports DDN or DDN_NMBR or a single MESG then contact us for assistance (IdentaFone paid customers only) in making a simple edit to the modem inf file. USR modems that are Type I CID compatible work just fine in Canada. Most modems also work just fine if your TelCo is Telus in the western regions of Canada.

Modem Buying Tips

The most important guarantee you want the from the seller is that the drivers will work properly in regards to CID support. This is an unusual request to the seller because they get more interest in connection speed issues. The CID support in the driver is often the weakest part of modem products, whereas the hardware may be high quality.

Changes in Windows have often made a good performing driver fail in the newer OS. Windows XP and 2000 are good examples of where modem manufacturers were slow to release working drivers that include CID and Wave support.

You should visit a store where support and satisfaction is backed by a liberal return policy.

The following are just some of the modems manufactures that may support Caller ID. These are not tested by IdentaFone Software. - a good site for modem-drivers

  • Aceex Modems
  • Archtek
  • AT&T
  • Boca Research Home Page
  • Creative Labs
  • Elsa
  • Hayes Microcomputer Products
  • Intel
  • Jaton
  • Pace
  • Rockforce Dual Port Modems (UK)
  • Supra (Diamond) Modems
  • US Robotics
  • Xircom
  • Zoltrix Home Page
  • Zoom Home Page
  • ZyXEL USA Home Page