IdentaPop Pro

A Caller ID based screen pop program for TAPI telephone systems and voice modems that integrates with Microsoft® Outlook® Contacts including public folders on Microsoft® Exchange Server for screen pops and journal call logs. Between calls IdentaPop sits in the tray using very little overhead.

TAPI Outlook screen pops More affordable than OEM solutions!
Instantly know who's calling.
Screen pop Outlook contacts.
Log calls in Outlook's journal.
Overlay the Caller ID on your screen.
Supports all Tapi office telephones.
Monitor multiple lines.
Just $49.95 - multi seat discounts!

  • Supports all TAPI IP or business telephone systems including 3CX, Alcaltel, Allworx, Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, Ericsson, ESI, Freeswitch, NEC, Nitsuko, NBX, Nortel, Panasonic, Phillips, Siemens, Splicecom and Zultys.
  • Supports Caller ID Capable Voice Modems.
  • Available as an Add-in for Outlook's Toolbar.
  • Supports Multiple Lines.
  • Pop Caller ID Screen Text Overlay.
  • Pop Caller ID in a Tray Icon Balloon.
  • Outlook Contact Screen Pops.
  • Outlook Linked Journal Screen Pops.
  • Outlook Journal Time and Duration Stamp. 
  • Search Sub Contact Folders.
  • Supports Outlook Custom Forms .
  • Pass Caller ID to External Program or URL such as Salesforce.
  • Pop Time Matters contact screens.

Program Requirements
  • Microsoft® Windows® from XP through Windows 10
  • Compatible with Outlook versions 2003 - 2016
  • A phone system with TAPI drivers or a TAPI compliant modem.
  • Microsoft Outlook is optional but recommended for maximum benefits.


IdentaPop Pro comes in 2 versions. You can install it as an Add-in for Outlook that runs automatically from within Outlook whenever Outlook is running.

It is also available as a stand alone program that does not require Outlook to be actually open but still has all the Outlook Caller ID search, popup and journaling functions. This also would be the version to use if you require Time Matters screen pops or to pop contacts from other CRM products such as Salesforce.

IdentaPop Pro supports TAPI compliant phone switches such as 3CX, Alcaltel, Allworx, Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, Ericsson, ESI, Freeswitch, NBX, NEC, Nitsuko, Nortel, Panasonic, Phillips, Siemens, Splicecom and Zultys as well as TAPI compliant modems.

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Voted Best IP Telephony Product IdentaPop Pro Voted Best IP Telephony Product in the Microsoft Exchange IP Telephony category at the MSD2D People's Choice Awards. The winners were announced at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2005 Orlando, Fl.

"This is the ideal productivity tool for the business user with an office phone system as well as the home user who wants a Caller ID popup using their CID compatible modem."