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For Caller ID software to work you must subscribe to the CID service from your TelCo. You must also have a CID capable modem.

You will have better TAPI mode results with a name brand modem whose manufacturer has good support for their driver files. If you have no luck in getting results from your modem in TAPI mode then you should be using Direct Modem mode.

If IdentaFone quit working after upgrading to a newer version of Windows...
If you are having problems when using TAPI mode...
If IdentaFone doesn't work when using Direct Modem mode (non TAPI)...
If you are getting errors when using NetPop...
Can I use IdentaFone with my Vonage IP phone?

If you are using a modem that worked in TAPI mode with a previous OS then you will need to find modem drivers certified for your latest OS.. These drivers should be downloaded from the modem manufacturer's web site instead of using the driver that came with Windows. Sometimes an older driver from XP will work in Vista but you will get a warning message during the driver install that you can ignore.

If you are experiencing difficulty with getting Caller ID to display, check with the modem manufacturer for updated drivers. You probably need updated drivers if you see the following...

  • An error message in the status window after starting IdentaFone such as "Not 100% TAPI compliant"
  • You just get RING RING in the status window when a call comes in.
  • A call is logged as Missing Data
To install a modem driver INF file, do the following:

1. Download the file to a folder on your hard drive.
2. Start Control Panel > Modems
3. Delete your modem
4. Select the Add option
5. Reselect your modem and choose Have Disk

Step 3 removes your current Windows registry settings that refer to the old driver.

Step 5 adds the modem back and uses the data from the new INF file to create registry entries that will handle Caller ID when used with TAPI devices.
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 How To Configure IdentaFone For Direct Modem Mode

Refer to your modem manual to find out the init string that places your modem in CID mode. If you have a choice between formatted or unformatted mode then always choose formatted. This usually mean the string will end with the digit 1 as a parameter instead of 2. Do not precede the string with the AT prefix.

+VCID=1 or +FCLASS=8;+VCID=1 All IS-101 modems, Recent USR, Lucent LT, Rockwell HCF (V.90 or K56FLEX, e.g. PCI modems from Creative), some Pace modems (IS-101 compatible), Multitude, IDC, Cirrus Logic, most of IDC modems.
#CID=1 Used in older USR, Texas Instruments, Rockwell compatible modems (excluding software modems and Rockwell HCF), Hayes, several Pace modems, PowerBit, GVC, PCTel, IDC (VR series) devices, Diamond Supra (Rockwell compatible).
#CLS=8#CID=1 Caller ID in voice mode in some 56K USR modems, some Rockwell compatible (Boca Research, Cardinal, voice Zoom).
#CC1 Older non-voice Aspen modems, older Cirrus Logic, Motorola Voice Surfer, Phoebe.
*ID1 Some Motorola modems
%CCID=1 or %CCID=3 Practical Peripherals modems.
$JSCID=4,1 or $JSCID=1,0 ELSA ML 56k Internet II (Netherlands)

Test your modem's CID capability in Direct Modem mode.

  1. Make sure you have the proper com port selected. If unsure then refer to your Control Panel settings > System > Device Manager.

  2. Check that no other modem software is running (fax, internet, PDA sync software)

  3. Click the Test button which will bring up a terminal window.If you do not get "OK" or if you get "ERROR" then change the init string to +vcid=1 (close the Test window to make changes). Other init strings are in the table above if you need to try others. If you get "OK" then leave the Test window open for a call.

  4. Wait for a call and see what appears on the screen.

    You should see something similar to this:

    DATE = 1230
    TIME = 1100
    NMBR = 5551212
Note the prefixes on each line of data. These prefixes must be entered in the appropriate boxes for Date, Time, Name etc. Do NOT include the "=" sign.

If you just get RING, RING then your modem is not CID capable

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 NetPop Errors

Duplicate Messages in NetPop but not when using WinPopUP
NetPop uses Mailslots which are a connectionless protocol, they attempt to ensure that you receive at least one copy of the message by sending each message using every available protocol.

If you do not specifically require both NetBEUI and IPX/SPX on your local peer to peer network, then remove one of them.

Couldn't Open Mailslots error when using NetPop
Vista, XP, 2000

To use Netpop you will have to disable Messenger Services.
  1. Log on as Administrator if necessary, open Control Panel.
  2. Open Administrative Tools.
  3. Open Services.
  4. Scroll down and highlight Messenger in the Service List.
  5. Right click and choose Properties.
  6. Select Startup Type to be Manual.
  7. Go down to Service Status and click the Stop button.
  8. After service has completed shutting down, click the OK button and then exit control panel.

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 Vonage IP Phones

IdentaFone works just fine with Vonage IP telephony with the simple steps listed here.
Instead of plugging in your telephone directly into the Cisco, Motorola, etc adapter (ATA), plug in a splitter jack or splitter cable. From the splitter connect your telephone and also a phone cable into a voice modem that is CID capable. Install your modem drivers and now you have screen pops and call blocking!

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