IdentaFone Pro Version History

    Version 3.2.5
  • Fixed bug that ignored email notifications setting in phonebook.
Version 3.2.4
  • Added menu item under Help -> ‘Application Settings Summary’ in case tech support requests more info.
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes.
    • Version 3.2.3
    • Fixed speed dial setup bug.
    • Improved modem detection.
      Version 3.2.2
    • Now Windows 10 compatible.
    • Added option to hide dialer buttons.
      Version 3.2.1
    • Added email support for smtp servers with SSL secure login such as Gmail etc.
    • Email settings now allow custom port setting
      Version 3.1.0
    • Tested for Windows 8
    • Resetting modem after call is now an option instead of default behavior. If call detection stops after a each call then set this option on.
    • Slight changes to user interface to improve displaying on higher resolution monitors
    • Improved com port detection
    • Dropped SAPI 4 text to speech voices
    • Fixed SAPI speech bug
    • Dropped Pager notification so if you have been using this feature do not upgrade.
      Version 3.0.8
    • Fix email bug which only happened if you selected "include voice mail attachments" but caller didn't leave message.
    • Fixed reverse number lookups in phonebook.
    • Changed LCD view background to a gradient instead of solid color.
      Version 3.0.7
    • When highlighting a call with a message icon pressing the Delete key (deletes message only) refreshes the call list with the proper icon showing.
    • Fixed bug where Email subject wasn't being saved.
    • Fixed detecting device ID of sound card for playing back recorded messages.
    • Fixed problem with orphaned modem registry settings don't match current modem driver.
      Version 3.0.6
    • Fixed error some may get when opening Settings caused by incomplete modem driver info in registry.
      Version 3.0.5
    • Fixed answering machine invalid PIN attempt counter to reset at end of call.
      Version 3.0.4
    • Simplified direct serial port settings.
    • No longer have to choose serial port>
    • Init string automatically retrieved from modem driver>
    • Improved modem settings retention when experimenting in Preferences without applying changes. This may explain why some customers found their modem had stopped responding
      Version 3.0.2
    • Fixed bug in reports when no calls are in report period.
    • Fixed hourglass pointer bug in Phonebook search when search term is blank.
      Version 3.0.1
    • Added Answering machine functionality (TAPI mode only).
    • Forward messages as email attachments (wave file).
    • Added reverse number lookups to the main call log.
      Version 2.70.2
    • Brought back Clear button on main toolbar.
    • Main toolbar icons for speech, email and paging display + symbol when active.
    • Improved debug log info reporting.
      Version 2.70.1
    • Updated icons on main toolbar.
      Version 2.60.1
    • Added support for SAPI 5 voices to speech engine. Now seamlessly supports SAPI4 and SAPI5.
    • Added the ability to select voice from settings instead of Speech Control Panel.
      Version 2.58.4
    • Fixed bug (Vista only) introduced in 2.58.3 that installed data files in wrong folder.
      Version 2.58.3
    • Fixed dragging caller log entry to speed dial button.
      Version 2.58.2
    • Fixed bug in checking for new version.
    • Fixed column alignment issues when changing "Show Company" option.
    • Fixed SNPP paging protocol
      Version 2.58
    • Fixed reverse lookup because data source changed format.
      Version 2.57
    • Fixed minor bugs introduced in 2.56.
      Version 2.56
    • Removed dial-up support for email due to Vista security problems. Do not update if you require dial-up for email notifications.
    • Minor changes to file location changes when updating from older versions.
    • Fixed a problem with Vista user rights when moving files.
      Version 2.55
    • Bug fix for text popup of name when subscribed to "Number Service Only"
      Version 2.54
    • Bug fix for wave file playing introduced in V2.53
      Version 2.53
    • Updated Help File
    • Installer Vista compliant
      Version 2.52
    • Fixed reverse lookups
      Version 2.50
    • XP theme is now applied if you are running Windows XP
    • You can specify the number of rings to limit Paging and Email. Useful if you have an answering machine and want to know only about calls that may have left a message.
    • Some settings in Preference have been simplified for ease of use.
      Version 2.47
    • Fix bug when playing caller specific custom messages caused by improper wave file naming. If you have existing custom waves whose file names have dashes or brackets you can fix them by renaming the phone number portion of the wave file to just numeric characters.
      Version 2.46
    • Fixed Ring counter bug
      Version 2.45
    • Displays company name in screen pop text if selected in phonebook.
    • Improved column resizing when changing display options.
    • Numeric pagers can add custom stamp to get around paging service use of # and *
    • Speech now adds pauses when saying phone numbers to make number formatting sound natural.
      Version 2.44
    • Fixed UK numbers display leading zero.
      Version 2.43
    • Play wave files to callers based on their CID. Leave messages for friends etc. (TAPI mode)
    • Play custom wave files over speakers to announce caller when phone rings.
    • Built in recorder for wave file creation.
    • Added a switch to not use speech engine if call is blocked.
    • Added more font size options to screen projection.
    • User choice of what clicking X on main screen does. Minimize to tray or traditional exit.
      Version 2.42
    • Fixed bug in SNPP paging.
    • Fixed phonebook search bug that occasionally froze during a search.
    • Added fix for some modems that wanted to remain in data mode when playing wave files.