Troubleshooting Tips

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If calls are not being detected...
If calls are received but not saved in the log...
If network clients do not display calls...

 Calls not being detected

  • Serial models - Make sure you have the correct com port selected in IdentaFone settings (F2)
  • Make sure you have the correct hardware model selected in IdentaFone settings (F2)
  • Serial models - Use the cable supplied by the CID hardware manufacturer or one recommended in the hardware manual.
  • Serial models - Follow the instructions in your hardware manual for testing the hardware connection using Hyperterminal.
  • Test the phone line with a standard CID display box or telephone to see if CID is arriving on the line.
  • Use only the type of telephone jack cords as recommended by the CID hardware manufacturer. Some CID boxes allow 2 line connections to a single jack and the proper cord is critical.
 Calls are not being logged

  • If you have a Whozz Calling? POS or LITE version of the hardware make sure you choose the POS or LITE version in the program Preferences.
  • If you are sharing the call logs with other workstations running that are also running IdentaFone make sure you do not select a shared folder on the copy of IdentaFone that resides on the PC hosting the file. Since only one station will log the calls this tells IdentaFone to write to the log file otherwise none of the workstation will do any logging.
 Networking Problems

For networking to be successful you need to make sure of the following.
  • If you have a software firewall from Microsoft or any other vendor make sure IdentaFone is given permission to access the LAN.
  • Serial port boxes: Open ports 12310 and 12311 in your firewall (including Windows Firewall XP and newer).
  • Ethernet boxes: Open port 3520 in your firewall (including Windows Firewall for XP, Vista or Win 7).
  • Make sure all PCs are running in the same IP range such as
  • Serial models - Designate all copies as either a Server (hardware attached) or as Clients (remote PCs).
  • Select the type of hardware on all copies of Identafone including client copies so they can all recognize the data format.