Awards and Testimonials

Microsoft Exchange Community Voted IdentaPop Pro as Best IP Telephony Product

After winning the MSD2D 2004 People's Choice award for best Exchange Connectivity product at the MS Tech ED 2004 conference in San Diego, IdentaFone has repeated their success by being selected the 2005 winner in the Microsoft Exchange IP Telephony category of the MSD2D People's Choice Awards.

The winners were announced at Microsoft Tech Ed 2005 Orlando, Fl.

What others are saying about IdentaFone Software...

Since IdentaFone was first introduced we have received many messages from users regarding our software. Some send us suggestions for new features and some give positive criticism. We would love to hear from you. Here are some of the testimonials:

"These are the kind of products and companies that you want to surround yourself with and IdentaFone certainly hits the mark! When you need screen synchronization, this is the company that you want to work with — bar none!"
.. From the book ‘Creating Your Own IP Networks’
© 2005 Warren Romanow. All Rights Reserved. ISBN: 1-4208-1803-1

"Identafone vs the rest the winner is Identafone. This program will do all that you ask from a caller id program. I have tried numerous programs and this is the best of the bunch. The program installs easily and is quick to setup. I like the way the number is displayed in a transparent layer over the screen that you are working on."
.. Garry Southern - reviewed on CNET

"I just wanted to let you know that your product is working flawlessly! Not only are the telemarketers dropping off like flies, it's nice to have a long list of who's called, as well as the capability of blocking individual callers. We don't have caller ID on any of our phones so the log is an absolute must! Thank you for providing a fabulous product!"
.. Jeff McCamley -

"As someone who is both lazy and spends hours in front of LCDs and CRTs, this is a perfect way for me to get some use out of my no longer needed dial-up modem. Caller ID features, plus call blocking for unwanted numbers, make it easy to find out who's calling, without pulling my attention away from the computer screen."
.. Lockergnome's Jake Ludington

"I have just discovered and installed IdentaFone Pro. WHAT A FABULOUS PIECE OF WORK! I have a small home network and the Network Pop-Up client works GREAT! I Love It! Thank you again VERY MUCH for a wonderful product and the FAST service! I will recommend IdentaFone every chance I get! For a couple of days now I have been using the email forwarding feature to drop my CLID info into my text messaging cellphone. I setup an email user group in Outlook Express of 2 users that receives the incoming email from IdentaFone. This in turn forwards the CLID email message from IdentaFone to my cellphone's text messaging address. This is SO NEAT and I am SO PLEASED to have this feature. I will now NEVER miss an important call! The feature which allows the rejection of "Unavailable" callers is also too neat and saves from unnecessary messages. Thank you again for developing a fabulous and useful product." .. Vincent Destajo Washington, D.C.

"Thank you for a fine product. Of all the Caller ID Software I have reviewed, and they are many, I am happy to recommend Identafone as the Superior product." .. Harley Giles

"Better than good, it's great... I had some problems at first; the two USR modems I got from Dell were royally screwed up and didn't pick up half my caller ID stuff...  It's fascinating how you can get good technical support from a guy writing software and can't get a straight answer out of major corporations"
.. Rants and Raves