IdentaFone MultiLine Caller ID Software


IdentaFone Multiline is the perfect solution for the business or home office environment that is served by analog phone lines to instantly identify callers and track phone usage. IdentaFone monitors all incoming and outgoing calls allowing you to do a daily call analysis to measure calls per hour, missed calls, times when all lines are busy and more. You can even see who called after hours so you can follow up the next morning and save the sale.
  • Take customer care to the next level with friendlier, faster and more personal service.
  • Instantly know who's calling with screen pops and notifications.
  • Optional MS Outlook contacts screen pops.
  • Detailed call history logs and statistics.
  • Monitors up to 56 phone lines by stacking whozz calling units.

IdentaFone MultiLine software works with analog Caller ID hardware (Whozz Calling?) from CallerID.Com or Whozz Calling Vertex boxes for VOIP subscribers.

The network feature allows many PC workstations to share a single Whozz Calling hardware unit.
  • All PCs on the network receive the same CID information.
  • No additional purchases needed with a network license .
Screen options to match your needs.
  • Instant screen pops when the telephone rings.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook contacts for screen pops and lookups or use the built in phonebook.
  • Option to pop Time Matters client detail records.
  • Line status screen of all active lines with timers if using Whozz Calling deluxe units.
  • Display either the caller list, a line status screen, stackable popups or a large LCD type screen that can be seen across the room.
  • Phones can be monitored for outbound calls if using Whozz Calling deluxe units. Note¹
  • Pop up a memo pad during a call and save the information to the phonebook notes field.
Reports – Logs –Statistics
  • Excellent reporting capability includes history of callers by date range, name, and telephone number.
  • All reports can be filtered by IN/Out or show all.
  • Daily Call Summary give a breakdown of the number of calls per day, and per hour over any date period. This is a very useful tool for staff scheduling and determining advertising response.
  • Line Usage Summary shows your peak call periods broken down by telephone line.
  • All Lines Busy report showing how long and often that all your lines were tied up.
  • Call Abandoned report shows all calls less than a duration chosen by user.
  • List all calls for any date period.
  • List all calls associated with a name over any date period.
  • List all calls associated with a telephone number by any date period.
  • List all calls sorted by line # for any date period.
  • Caller logs can be exported to CSV format for use in other software such as Excel.
Fully featured with many useful options.
  • Forward caller's CID to any email address including mobile phones.
  • Optional Speech engine announces caller's name - no need to be at computer.
  • Wave file can be associated with a number. Useful for Alerts.
  • Speed Dialer supports outbound dialing for 36 of your favorite numbers using an installed modem.
  • Phonebook can import and export from any software that can export CSV data.
  • Print phonebook entries.
  • Detailed Help and setup tips.
  • Sits in system tray.